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"Give your home a spring fresh aromatic fragrance that is refreshing but warming with its strong green citrus overtones and the sweet basil undertones which will fill your home with the most amazing fresh scent."

Lime Basil and Mandarin

SKU: 0610600102
  • Behold the enchanting elixir that awakens the senses with each spritz. The essence of green citrus, fresh limes, and zesty mandarins intertwine, creating a symphony of vitality that enchants the spirit.

    As these magical notes dance upon the skin, the herbal touch of basil grounds them with an earthly warmth. Finally, the precious woods and amber embrace the senses, enveloping them in a comforting embrace that lasts until the stars have danced their path.

    This potion strikes the perfect harmony between freshness and warmth, making it a treasure of everyday wear and the perfect companion for any occasion.

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